Q: What is Best Damn Race Starkey Trail?

A: Best Damn Race is hitting the trails. BDR Starkey Park Trail will be a team relay race consisting of teams of 4-8 working together to complete a 130-mile relay race. 

Q: What is the Event Schedule?
Q: What is the format?


A: There will be three different loops that vary in the distance: Loop A (3.4 miles), Loop B (5.9 miles), Loop C (6.9 miles)

The STANDARD 8-person team will complete 24 loops continuously. It’s suggested that 8 runners each complete all 3 loops once for a total of 16.2 miles each.  (130 Miles)

*Standard teams must have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8.

The ULTRA 4-person team will complete 24 loops continuously. It’s suggested that 4 runners each complete all 3 loops TWICE for a total of 32.4 miles each. (130 miles)

*Ultra teams must have 4 runners.

The BEAUTY SLEEP Division will complete 18 loops with a break. Your team of 6 will run 2 loops each on Saturday, then take a break! Enjoy dinner, a movie, and S’mores together, then get some beauty sleep and finish your 3rd loop each in the morning. Total of 16.2 each (97.2 miles)

Q: Do I pay for an entire team or just myself?

A: Each participant can register and pay for their own entry at $99 each. You are welcome to register and pay for others if desired. Standard teams can have 6,7 or 8 members. Ultra teams need 4 members. Beauty sleep teams need 6. 

Q: What are the award categories?

Top 3 teams in each division

  • All Male (Standard & Ultra)
  • All Female (Standard & Ultra)
  • Coed (Standard & Ultra)
  • Military/Corporate (Standard & Ultra)

Please note that the Beauty Sleep Division is for teams that want to have fun and not chase the clock. There will not be awards for this division.

Q: How do I create a team or join a team?

Follow the steps below.

  1. Click Sign Up to begin the registration process for Starkey Park Trail.
  2. Select Your Team Type (Standard, Ultra, or Beauty Sleep)
  3. Select “Join an Existing Team” or “Create a New Team” – Please note that you will need a password that the original teammate created if you join an existing team. If you are the first one to sign up, you will create the team name and password.
    1. If you create the new team, you will need to choose (All Male, All Female, Coed, or Military/Corporate) unless you are in the Beauty sleep division.
    2. Type in team name and password (make sure to give the password to your teammates so they can sign up).
Q: What are my camping options?

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